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been that the obama administration has failed to produce a policy that would have maximized the little influence that we do have. after the fall of mubarak in 2011, u.s. policy was basically to support morsi, and to try to build the influence with him, and not use the tools of american influence and power to pressure him to do things like democratic reform and respect for the rule of law and human rights that may have avoided this very scenario. influence is limited but you only have influence if you use it, and in order to use it, you need a strategy and a policy to implement it. >> josh rogan, thank you so much. >> thank you. >> okay, when we return, in another country people took to the streets today in support of their president. i'm talking about bolivia, where they are not happy about how their president was treated last night in the hunt for edward snowden. it's a wild story. and it's coming up. original sal, hair color was as important as your cut. now a breakthrough from vidal sassoon helps stop water from fading away the vibrant color you wish would stay. waterproof it! the v
is announcing a new push to promote the law to the american people. the obama administration is now partnering with the american library association. a group of 17,000 libraries, now planning to train librarians how to help spread the word. some libraries may also set aside special computers for anyone trying to sign up for health care coverage. why is obama administration spending so much time and now money and effort on promoting obama care? a lot of it has been in place more than three years. we will break it down later inside the fox report. >>> right now, reports of a feud playing out over eventual resting place of an ailing world leader, should the inevitable happen. he brought about historic, peaceful change, and apparently the family members of nelson mandela are fighting. the showdown in south africa next. >>> also, before the sight-seeing helicopter ended up on a barge, it crashed into the water hard. the outcome, we're told, nothing short of a miracle. >> whoever that pilot is has to be a remarkable pilot with nerves of steel because clearly that helicopter was in complete distress.
. >> coming up, the obama administration is tragically wrong about what's happening on the ground, and more american blood will spill in beng >>> as september 11th turns into the 12th, benghazi becomes a modern day alamo. a handful of brave americans facing terrible odds, with no help on the way. 5:30 p.m., washington. defense secretary leon panetta finishes his regular weekly meeting with president obama in the oval office. once back in the pentagon, he summons carter ham, martin dempsey and other senior staff to discuss benghazi. that meeting will last more than two hours. back in tripoli, gregg hicks has neither hope that help is on the way, nor time to dwell on it. >> we're on our own, we have to try to pull this off with the resources we have. >> reporter: by midnight, 6:00 p.m. washington time, the annex is now under attack. >> the second phase of this, after the teams have returned to the annex, they suffer for about an hour and a half probing attacks. >> reporter: after a two-hour scramble, team tripoli secures that charter plane. among those aboard, glen dogherty. and there is a qu
be a stunning catch in the obama administration's crackdown on government leaks. it would suggest even the most powerful can't be snared. not only is it significant that the obama administration has apparently no compunction about going after people at the very highest levels of the u.s. government in its effort to stem leaks, but there's also this consideration am a supposedly it was the new york times story that launched this latest investigation alma but officials have told nbc news that it did not use any subpoenas to get information from the reporter involved in order to start this investigation against a retired pentagon general. >> meanwhile, edward snowden's decision to expose u.s. surveillance programs has provoked an international trade dispute. he wants to claim asylum in ecuador. the president of ecuador has accused the united states of trying to blackmail him into handing over this former nsa contractor. president correa says he will not give into washington's threats to cut business ties. >> to grant or deny asylum is an inherent right of a sovereign nation. it is unacceptable to
administration is not afraid of whistleblowers. the obama administration is afraid of you. an informed, angry public demanding the constitutional government it was promised and it it should be. snowden has written a letter to the president of ecuador thanking the country for allowing him to remain free and publish information that serves the public interest. george wush who put many of the nsa programs in place spoke about the threat snowden posed to the united states. >> i know he damaged the country. the obama administration will deal with it. >> do you think it's possible for one man to really damage the security of the nation? >> i think he damaged the security of the country. i put the program in place to protect the country. one of the certainties is civil liberties were guaranteed. >> by the way, president bush met with president obama to lay a wreath at the u.s. embassy in honor of the victims of the 1998 terrorist bombing. >>> just amazing video out of the former soviet union after a rocket exploded just after takeoff. moems after this rocket launch in kazakhstan, it was pretty clea
in washington to tell us what this meaning. >> reporter: good morning. the obama administration is delaying a key provision of the controversial legislation. this said businesses with 50 or more employees have to provide health insurance to all of their employees or they could face fines for every one that picks up on government funded or government-backed insurance. but they're now putting that off for a year. businesses have until 2015 to comply with that part of the law. business groups said that the reporting of who was getting what insurance was too complicated. the obama administration listened. republicans saying the entire law needs to be scrapped and this is further evidence of that. republican house speaker john boehner called it a train wreck. there's also the question of congressional elections coming up next year. this would take health kcare fo many of the democrats running for re-election off the table. mara >> thanks so much, tracie. >>> in florida at the george zimmerman trial, prosecutors tried to chip away at zimmerman's claim that he feared for his life the night he shot
into recruiting centers for the obama administration. it is the next big phase of taxpayer funded health care. fox report. why an army of librarians is on the public front line of this regulation rollout. >>> also, chopper down. >> came in fast and low and smacked right into the water. >> in the same river where the world witnessed the miracle on the hudson, this time a sight-seeing helicopter hits the water. in minutes, the emergency that left no other option. >>> and freedom isn't free. neither are fireworks displays, where some joufourth of july celebrations will not go off, thanks to belt tightening. >>> first from fox, a key american partner in the middle east is experiencing anxiety as people are massing in the streets, carrying a message for the president of egypt. i am harris faulkner. tensions across that country near the boiling point. as city after city is beginning to look like the scene you see there, that's cairo. they're shouting for president morsi to go, that's downtown tahrir square. note the date. it is one year since morsi's inauguration as the nation's first freely elected lea
is what is behind these attacks. >> the difference between obama administration and its critics the lesson it has heard through that history. >> through the 70s, 80s and 90s united states dealt with terrorism as a crime. what we found is that we were repeatedly attacked and the attacks became more you a diashs. >> and the result was the first september 11th attacks. >> john bolt ton is a fox news contributor. >> it was that attack that made us realize that we were in a war. the way to deal with international terrorism is way to treat as an active aggression by a hostile power. >> but the rise of barack obama was part of an emphatic turning away from the bush foreign policies. >> bush's global war on terror vanished from the presidential vocabulary, the middle east would be managed through smart diplomacy. >> thank you. >> obama begin what critics called an apology tour, in the june 2009 speech in cairo, he suggested that bush's freedom agenda for the muslim world had been a clumsy overreach. >> no system of government can or should be imposed by one nation, by any others. >> within weeks t
. the obama administration wants to send the fbi, but they are unable to gain access for a critical two weeks. hicks believes the libyan president, angry over susan rice's false account over the attack, orchestrated the delay. >> a friend of mine told me he was still steamed about the talk shows, and that negatively affected our ability to get the fbi team quickly to benghazi. >> election day, 2/3 of american voters called benghazi troubling. 44% believing the obama administration had willfully misled the country. yet, barack obama handily wins election to a second term in the white house. the next day, a judge sends nikoula back behind bars. he remains in custody. >>> coming up, benghazi, boston and the end of the war on terror. [ male announcer ] let's say you had an accident. and let's say you bought cut rate insurance and you weren't covered. oh, and your car is a time machine. [ beeping ] ♪ would you go back to when you got that less than amazing policy and go with esurance instead? well, they do have tools like coverage counselor to help you choose the coverage that fits you. it's lik
obama ends his africa trip, we look at the administration's outreach to the continent to bolster trade and investment and build on former president bush's efforts to combat aids. >> ifill: and jeffrey brown talks with the lead guitarist of the band phish, trey anastasio, about the art of the jam, and life as a music man. >> a lot of the people that come see us have been coming for 20, 30 years. as strange as it sounds, i have relationships with people who stand like ten rows back and dance. >> woodruff: that's all ahead on tonight's newshour. >> major funding for the pbs newshour has been provided by: moving our economy for 160 years. bnsf, the engine that connects us. >> the william and flora hewlett foundation, working to solve social and environmental problems at home and around the world. >> and with the ongoing support of these institutions and foundations. and... >> this program was made possible by the corporation for public broadcasting. and by contributions to your pbs station from viewers like you. thank you. >> ifill: egypt's political crisis deepened today as the military p
direction. we're willing to say that the obama administration got something right. in forming this agreement, signing it in february of 2012, secretary clinton signed this agreement with the foreign minister from mexico, espinoza, to open up this area known as the western gap in the gulf of mexico so both countries, mexico and the united states, can explore and start producing oil and natural gas from this area. what it does is creates a broader legal certainty along that u.s.-mexico boundary area to foster more american energy development, job creation. the bureau of ocean energy management estimates that this area contains as much as 172 million barrels of oil and 34 billion cubic feet of natural gas. shared resources. but they're shared under a common border, a border teen the united states government and mexico -- a border between the united states government and mexico. but think about a border, think of it out in the gulf of mexico, it's a maritime boundy. these resources lie underneath the earth's outer continental shelf. so who do these resources belong to? this agreement says they a
demint. up next, why the obama administration has announced a one-year delay in implementation of one of the mandates in the affordable care act, ezra klein will explain. want younger looking eyes that say wow? with olay, here's how. new regenerist eye and lash duo. the cream smooths the look of lids... softens the look of lines. the serum instantly thickens the look of lashes. see wow! eyes in just one week with olay. >>> yesterday, the obama administration decided to release very big news in a way it never has before. simply by placing an announcement on the treasury department's website. we have listened to your feedback and we are taking action. the administration is announcing that it will provide an additional year before the affordable care act, mandatory insure required acts begin. that is mr. obama deciding to delay for a year the implementation on employers providing health insurance. now, you might think that republican opponents of obama care who want to see the legislation never go into effect would cheer the administration for delaying at least part of the law's implemen
with bangladesh. the obama administration will suspend tax breaks for bangladesh exports due to growing concern over labor safety. following a factory collapse in april that killed over 1,100 workers, trade groups have pushed for action. some officials have argued the suspension will deal an economic blow to the developing nation. the obama administration says the country is not taking steps to afford recognized worker rights. the american held hostage by his own workers in china is free again. chip starnes, co- owner of specialty medical supples, went to china to lay off 30 employees as he moves a manufacturing division to india to lower production costs. employees demanded severance packages and back pay, and barricaded him inside the plant. on thursday morning, they reached an agreement and starnes was set free. the plant will continue to operate with new workers, including some of starnes' captors. in our cover story, the millennial party known as "techweek" has kicked off in chicago. a lot of d-js, after- hours parties, and, during the day, a gathering of high-tech creators hoping to draw
in washington about the fact that the obama administration was trying to criminalize investigative journalism by going through emails and phone records of journalists and being a co-conspirator for working with sources. >> jon: he seemed not quite ready for his answer to the question about his reporting on nsa spying. greenwald didn't stop there. he tweeted this. who needs the government to try to criminalize journalism when you have david gregory to do it. frank rich came to his defense in this. is david gregory a journalist, a thought experiment what name one beef he has covered with distinction and any memorable interviews he has conducted. his charge is preposterous. columnist that published the leaks, greenwald was doing the job of a journalist and even activist journalist is irrelevant to that function. when you think about greenwald's line of questioning or gregory's line of questioning, was it out of line? >> the question, when did you stop beating your wife donate to it. whatever you think of greenwald, talking head hall of fame for the greatest smack down of a questioner since joe l
. the obama administration has refused to change its policy and says drone strikes are legal under domestic and international law. >>> a deadly strain of bird flu has claimed another victim in cambodia. the health ministry says nine people died from the h5n1 virus so far this year. a 6-year-old girl from a village in a southern province died last friday. the girl was likely exposed to infected poultry. the health ministry says 13 cases of h5n1 bird flu have been confirmed in the country this year. the world health organization says 20 people were infected worldwide between the start of january and 4th of june. 15 of those cases resulted in death. the w.h.o. says the virus is endemic among poultry in cambodia. children seem to be most vulnerable because they often like to play in areas where poultry also graze. >>> packed subway trains are part of everyday life for singaporean commuters. congestion is getting so bad the transport authorities are now offering free fares for people who travel early, but not everyone is planning to set their alarm clocks. nhk world reports. >> reporter: it's ju
are the them. >> reporter: the difference between the obama administration and its critics is the lesson that each has learned. through the '70s, '80s, and '90s, the united states dealt with terrorism as a crime. >> what we found, we were repeatedly attacked, and attacks became more audacious over time. >> reporter: and the result was the first september 11th attack. >> reporter: john boulton is a fox news contributor. >> it was that attack, tragically, that made us realize that we were in a war. and that the way to deal with international terrorism was to treat it as you would treat an active aggression again the united states by a hostile power. >> reporter: but the rise of barack obama was part of an emphatic turning away of bush foreign policies. bush's global war on terror vanished from the presidential vocabulary. the middle east and all of its problems would be mthrough smar. >> thank you. >> reporter: obama began what his critics called an apology tour and in a june 2009 speech in cairo, he suggested bush's freedom agenda for the muslim world was a clumsy overreach. >> no system
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with bombings in countries around the world. drones have been a trail component of what the obama administration calls the counterterrorism strategy. there's been a dramatic ease escalation in the use of drones to strike not just in pakistan, yemen, occasionally somalia. the u.s., under president obama, is very much building up covert capabilities on the african continent. when i was in the airport on my way here, i ran into a young guy who said he was going for deployment. i said, where are you going? he said, i'm going to a place called jay booty, and the u.s., of course, took over an old french military base there, and out of that base is the conventional u.s. military under the offices of africom, but there's militaries and elite commandos from the command that use that as a staging ground to run operationings into somalia and elsewhere. they train forces from ethiopia, uganda, and burr ruin dirty wars. the u.s. is contemplating building another base in mali to target another group in the al-qaeda. you have a base in ethiopia and a relatively new base across the water on the arabian speans l
for jobs improved considerably already. the obama administration delaying a key part of the affordable care act. some people may or may not think it is nearly as key as the individual mandate, but they're already asking questions. we'll be kicking this back and forth all morning. it will not require companies with 50 pork woworkers or more provide insurance until 2015. with us john harwood. going through the different papers, john, and, you know, we'll have zeek emanuel on, who said it is not a big deal. you saw douglas holtz-aiken say it is a great ploy by the obama administration. the new york times called it a crucial mandate. and said it was a significant setback. what do you hear or where do you come down on this, john? >> it is a setback. in a number of levels. first of all, the inability to get this done doesn't necessarily reflect well about the implementation process from the white house point of view. it does provide some coverage and some money that is to say the companies over 50 employees who do not provide coverage would have been required to do so, so that would have been som
at harming our american partner. >> snowden continues to lash out against the obama administration, issuing a statement blasting president obama stating the obama administration is afraid of you. it is afraid of an informed and angry public demanding the constitutional government it was promised, and it should be. president obama, who has been visiting countries in africa, talked about the snowden affair on monday, telling reporters that talks between moscow and washington about returning snowden here are going well. the president is also trying to down play the spying allegations against the n.s.a. leaker. >> wherever there is intelligence service, here's one thing they're going to be doing. trying to understand the world better and what's going on in world capitals around the world. >> that's also the spying allegations against the united states which of course edward snowden's documents reveal that the united states has been spying on about 38 u.s. embassies, rather, of foreign countries particularly the e. ufpl. reuters is reporting that a kremlin spokesman says snowden withdrew his req
administration and the american people, millions of people's lives have been saved. >> president obama will meet with former president bush tomorrow in tanzania at the u.s. embassy there. >>> russian president vladimir putin says nsa leaker edward snowden will have to stop giving out american secrets if he wants asylum in moscow. meanwhile, america's allies are demanding answers about the latest revelation in the nsa surveillance scandal. here is chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge. >> reporter: according to the official russian news service inter fax, late monday at the airport he applied for asylum. while it can't be independently verified, earlier in the day, vladimir putin said snowden could stay in russia only if he stopped leaking classified documents about u.s. surveillance programs. even putin, a former kgb officer, saw the irony. >>translator: if he wishes to stay here, we have one condition. he must stop his work aimed at harming our american partners. >> reporter: the documents benefit china and russia the most, putin claims the former contractor is not helping moscow.
henry traveling with the president in senegal. the obama administration has some friendly advice for ek dor to edward snowden. today another example of the kind of information the government doesn't want you to know. can't seem to keep it under wraps. here is chief intelligence correspondent catherine harich. >> reporter: publishing one secret document it is alleged president obama allowed the nsa to sweep up regards that showed the internet and e-mail usage of american citizens. this so-le called internet meta data record s i.p. addresses an e-mails which can show a pattern of behavior on the web. after a review a spokesman for the intelligence chief says the program which begin after 9/11 was discontinued in 2011 for operational and resource reasons and has not been restarted. on allegations of odom stick spying the nsa director said the system is secure. >> there are actions that were taken to prevent a future leak. we have taken it off the get-go in terms of protecting our networks. all the things you would expect us to do we are doing, and more. >> reporter: on the list of 50 -- al
by former republican senator jim demint. up next, why the obama administration has announced a one-year delay in implementation of one of the mandates in the affordable care act, ezra klein will explain. [ female announcer ] we love when summer gets hot... but the instant frizz? not so much. so i'm taking pantene's 72-hour dare. [ female announcer ] beat humidity for a smooth 72 hours. get pantene smooth with moroccan argan oil in a pro-v system. help lock out humidity. keep frizz from forming. go 72-hour smooth. [ eva ] ditch the frizz... i dare you. [ female announcer ] get smooth from pantene, the world's no. 1 haircare brand. hair so healthy it shines. ♪ honey, is he too into this car thing? [ mumbling ] definitely the quattro. ♪ honey? huh? a5. what? [ sighs ] did you say something? ♪ >>> yesterday, the obama administration decided to release very big news in a way it never has before. simply by placing an announcement on the treasury department's website. we have listened to your feedback and we are taking action. the administration is announcing that it will provide an
information harmful to the u.s.. snowden is bashing the obama administration. cnn's phil black is live in moscow with more. good morning, phil. >> reporter: good morning, chris. there was that one condition put there by russian president vladimir putin and as you've mentioned, snowden was not prepared to contemplate it at all, but applying for application in russia was just one stage of a big plan to widen his search to try and find a country that would protect him. in all, he has now applied to 19 governments around the world and he must continue sitting in that moscow airport waiting for a response. edward snowden has no eminent or obvious option for escaping the moscow airport he arrived at more than a week ago. in a statement he says he is unbound in his convictions. the obama administration is afraid of you, afraid of an informed angry public demanding the constitutional government it was promised and it should be. snowden with help from wikileaks formally asked 19 more countries for asylum, in addition to his early applications to ecuador and iceland he accuses the united states
. late today, the obama administration decided to delay a key requirement of the signature health care reform plan. let's get right to cnbc's own bertha coombs for all the details. good evening, bertha. >> talk about some prefourth of july fireworks. applauding the decision to delay penalties associated with the affordable care act employer mandate until 2015. the national retail federation among those who pushed for that delay calling it a wise move. employers with 50 or more full-time workers face fines ranging from $2,000 to $3,000 per employee if they did not provide affordable coverage. the treasury tonight admitting in a statement they had been listening to the feedback they'd been getting from business groups and they are taking action as a result. they hope to provide an additional year for all of these mandatory employer reporting requirements to begin. they say it's going to allow them to simplify the recording requirements and also allow them time to adapt to the new health care coverage and reporting system that employers are using as they move toward providing more afforda
and died. yeah, right before july 4th, the obama administration says obamacare is too big a burden on america's businesses and moved the mandate on employers to 2015. after the midterm elections. so the dems don't get tarnished. but that's just a coincidence, people. here we have another example of valerie jarrett's genius at hiding the horrible until the ballots are cast. huge blunders buried in the backyard like a kid's dead gold fish. so i guess obamacare is just too complicated for businesses, but not for you and me. as the nation's largest unsurer pulls out of the california business market, you get the sense everyone but the last vat leaving the 14i7 and that rat is obamacare, hiding it in a 2400 page bill that functions as its trojan horse. as teenagers, we hate our parents, but sooner or later we realize they were the right about everything. same with the tea party. turns out they were right again. they have every right to say i told you so, but they probably won't. there is no joy in being right when for the sake of the country you sometimes wish you were wrong. >> before
.s. urks the obama administration holds itd breath as a key middle eastern ally teeters on the political brink again. we have fox team coverage.lly t brink again. we have fox team coverage.s a k teeters on the political brink again. we have fox team coverage.lly t brink again. we have fox team coverage.s a k teeters on the political brink again. we have fox team coverage. we begin with connor. >> the fate of egypt's first democratically elected president is unknown at this hour, but what is clear is that the military coup that removed morsi has changed egyptian politics forever. one year after seeding control, kr egypt took it back. the move celebrated in tahrir square.cseeding control, egypt took it back. the move celebrated in tahrir square.eseeding control, egypt took it back. the move celebrated in tahrir square.eeding control, egypt took it back. the move celebrated in tahrir square.ding control, egypt took it back. the move celebrated in tahrir square.deding control, egypt took it back. the move celebrated in tahrir square.ding control, egypt took it back. the move celebrated in ta
demonstrators for the past several days have criticized obama administration for standing with the muslim breerhood, which most americans would find inexplicable. i think we shouldn't overstate our influence. i do think we have influence with the military through years of providing extensive assistance. i hope that was understood by the military, and i think although it overturns an elected president, really, it is in america's interests to see the military try again to put egypt on the road to representative government. >> i think you are absolutely right. i will say, though, it looks really bad for the united states that we backed the wrong horse. ambassador, thank you so much. >> thank you. >>> this is a fox news alert. the missing brother of colorado senator mark udall has been found dead in wyoming. randy udall never returned from a solo backpack trip last week. and his body was found in a remote area of the wind river mountain range. no foul play suspected. tonight, the udall family issuing this statement. randy left this earth doing what he loved most, hiking his most favorite moun
says the kay i don't see in -- he says the chaos shows the obama administration dropped the ball in egypt. >> i don't think the president knows really where he stands or what he wants to do. the anti-morsi demonstrators for the past several days have criticized the obama administration for standing with the muslim brotherhood, which most americans would find inexplicable. i think we shouldn't overstate our tphaoupbs. i do think we've got influence with the military for years with providing extensive assistance. i hope that was understood by the military. i think although it overturns an elected president, really it is in america's interest to see the military try again to put egypt on the road to representative government. >> bolton also warned that even though morsi was ousted by the military, the muslim brotherhood should not be underestimated and that the chance for violence still remains very high. >> the george zimmerman trial is in recess until friday. yesterday a crime lab analyst testified that none of zimmerman's d.n.a. was found under trayvon martin's finger nails. >> f
froman said the obama administration will evaluate ecuador's eligibility for trade benefits. his comments came one day after democratic senator robert menendez said the welcoming snowden would severely jeopardize u.s. relations with ecuador. the ecuadorian president said his country's dignity has no price. >> all of a sudden, trade tariffs became black male. behave or leave the free trade movement. ,n the face of threats arrogance of certain u.s. sectors, which have pressure to remove the preferential tariffs because of the snowden case, ecuador tells the world, we unilaterally and irrevocably denounce the preferential tariffs. our dignity has no price. >> is government followed up with a dig at the obama administration by offering to donate millions of dollars for human rights training in the united states on matters of " privacy, torture and other actions that are denigrating to humanity." later in the day, he said ecuador cannot evaluate snowden's asylum bid until he is within ecuadorian territory. snowden is believed to remain in transit area of a moscow air work. speaking during his
people." the obama administration is walking a fine line. >> we are not taking sides. >> buthat happens in egypt could have significant ripple affects. >> egypt is an anchor for the region as a whole. >> and it is a region still very much in crisis. a civil war raging in syria. the on going nuclear threat from iran and an unstable libya. in a statement president obama said the u.s. is deeply concerned by they jeption military's decision to remove morsi and called for a swift and responsible transition to a democratically elected government. abc news, washington. >> new at 11:00, uc berkeley police are on the lookout for a man who walked a student home and then propositioned her. she refused and he left. this is a police sketch of that man. he is described as 6 feet tall and 200 pounds and long, blonde braided hair and blonde co tee. goatee. the campus escorts wear a yellow or brew blew uniform and wear a badge. >>> a napa restaurant is in continuing to serve fla-gra. they said they were serving the food as a protest against the ban. today a superior court judge ruled that the illegal sa
hypocrisy in the obama administration's war. at the same time, the obama administration is committing a huge increase in coal exports. the administration encourages those that have a dismal record when it comes to clean coal technology. coal exports doubled during the president's first term. that was in part because it went from 2% of our total exports in 207225% last year. this president wants to kill coal. and this president delivering to blockbuster rulings on gay marriage. two victories for equal rights, striking out a key element of the defense of marriage act and determine that the defenders of proposition 80 in california, a ban on gay marriage, did not have legal standing to uphold proposition eight. shannon bream has our report. reporter: there were two significant wins today i'm a striking down a portion of the defense of marriage act. anthony kennedy said the statute is invalid for no legitimate purpose enters those by its marriage laws protecting personhood and dignity. justice antonin scalia was unconvinced that this particular decision wasn't passing judgment on the underlying
treamgd and obama administration to find the leaker. >> if we can root out folks that have leaked, they will suffer consequences. >> cartwright is a consultant for abc news. tonight his attorney released a statement cartwright is an american hero and betraying the country he loves is preposterous. >> dan: more to bring you tonight. true grit, up next, woman who ♪ [ roars ] ♪ ♪ [ roars ] ♪ [ roars ] ♪ [ male announcer ] universal studios summer of survival. ♪ >>> on this historic day that same-sex marriages resume in california, aoser loot the heart of defense of marriage act. diane sawyer on the unlikely gladiator that challenged the way things were. >> she is high-spirited that anyone rise up and change history. 84-year-old woman who grew up in philadelphia. her fatherowned a ice cream shop. as a young girl she was a classic pin-up. she was working at ibm. >> we lunched together and drank together after work. i never went to the wine tastings during the weekend because i was here. >> she says she tried to be straight, even got married for a year and then divorced and
the obama administration knows the train wreck will only get worse and it underscores the need to repeal the law and replace it with effective patient centered reforms. and senator hatch jumped on the fact that this will only affect businesses. individuals will still be required to have health insurance beginning in january 2014, or they will be subject to tax penalties. he said that the obama administration is putting off its job-killing requirement on employers but not individuals and families shows how deeply flawed the president's signature domestic policy achievement is. and critics also call this a political move aimed at putting off implementation until after the 2014 midterm elections. anne-marie? >> tara mergener in washington. thank you, tara. >>> well, this morning, that arizona wildfire that killed 19 firefighters is 18% contained. the lone survivor of the elite crew was acting as a lookout and warned his colleagues that the fire had changed directions. meanwhile the community is trying to come to grips with its loss. marlie hall reports. >> reporter: 19 purple balloons float
. >>> the u.s. is slowing down a key component of the obama care. the obama administration offering a one-year delay to employers who are supposed to start offering health insurance to its workers. here the law required businesses with more than 50 workers to require coverage or face a $2,000 fine. it's obviously one of the most controversial aspects of the law. many say it's too burdensome and complicated to comply. what led to the surprise decision? let's go to mark halpern. for me, mark, is this a symbol of an existential problem with obama care or is this so big it's difficult to implement? >> it's a substantive issue. delay is a good thing. let the businesses adjust. the politics are huge. people are looking at the fact that it extends beyond the mid term. they're trying to avoid the political fallout but there's also the question, this is what opponents are saying. if this thing is a good idea, the plan is a good idea, why are we delaying it? lots of people would like to scrap the bill. this gives them a big talking point. >> do you think we'll have more changes on what's expected,
. this was going on. demonstrators gathered saying that they are upset with the way the obama administration has responded to the situation. >> the white house are supporting morsier to -- you know, the former president. they threatened our army that if they don't support morsi they will take the aid away. oh, well, they can have it. but we want our freedom back and we want our country back. heather: steve centanni is live for us in washington. how is the u.s. characterizing this military action in egypt. >> reporter: u.s. officials pointedly not calling it a coup. if they did that would suspend the aid to egypt. after word came down yesterday of the military action in egypt and the removal of the president mohamed morsi. in a statement the president said we are deeply concerned about the decision of the egyptian armed forces to remove president morsi and suspend the egyptian constitution. i call on the egyptian military to move quickly and responsibly to return full authority back to a democratically elected civilian president as soon as possible. the u.s. position was articulated by the state
with them and then canceled them. the obama administration trying to make the social media skills spending a million dollars in los angeles to get young people to help sign up the friends and families. >> too little is known about the changes, the fear is only the sick will pay to join the exchange without young, healthy people to foot the bill. and all costs will furer skyrocket, they will find exchange is so costly that the administration is drafting to pitch obamacare. good grief. >> the rules in the law mean young people have to spend a lot more on insurance than they do now, and if they don't sign up thinsured population will be older and sicker, obamacare will be much more expensive. melissa: it all hinges on them, but they have no incentive to get involved. thank you so much. it is crazy. turning to travel as a base cutting down on travel costs, the growg popularity of rental websites may be working again them. renting somebody else's home or apartment to make a lot of sense while saving you a few, but did you know offering up your home for rent to be against the law. david lee mill
. a senior obama administration official confirms that the man on your screen met where national security staff two weeks ago but insists that the meeting focused on his counterterrorism efforts. molly henneberg is live from washington with more on this story. >> jenna, he is vice president of a group that supports hamas and hamas a has been december eug tphaeulgted by thdesignated has a terrorist organization. he says he was there in washington at that meeting to lobby the obama administration to do more to help syrian rebels. he says that the meeting with the national security staff was requested by the senior director of development and democracy for the national security council gale smith. the obama administration confirms that the meeting did take place in washington, and was first revealed by the investigative project on terrorism. here is a picture of that meeting. you can see him on the left in a white turbin. the obama administration says he spoke out against al-qaida in 2010 and says this meeting that you see here was meant to, quote, discuss a wide range of issues bug poverty,
dicey is this for the obama administration? how do you deal with this? this is a change in government to an elected government. the u.s. had affirmed the legitimacy of the election. now you have a situation where the elected president of the country is incommunicado. how will the administration be dealing with at this point? >> i think over the past several days every official in the united states government from the president do you know to an assistant secretary in charge of the region have been communicating constantly with their counterparts just to figure out what are you going to do? united states recognizes that it's a spectator largely at this point as richard has pointed out. it's not the actors in this situation or the army, the opposition and the existing government. it will be up to the united states just to kind of figure out what's going on, who's doing what, and obviously depending on what unfolds and how it appears there will be ramifications and policy debates about what are the implications based on what happens in the coming hours and coming days. >> going back to r
application has not yet been processed. the obama administration suspended trade benefits for bangladesh today in the wake of two garment factory disasters there in the past year. more than 1,200 people died in the incidents blamed on poor worker safety and labor practices. today's move increases tariffs on products from tobacco to sporting goods. but it will have little impact on bangladesh's main export to the u.s.: clothing. the surviving boston marathon bombing suspect was indicted on 30 federal counts today. the grand jury charged dzhokhar tsarnaev with using a weapon of mass destruction, carjacking and killing a massachusetts institute of technology police officer. three people were killed and more than 260 wounded when tsarnaev and his brother allegedly set off pressure cooker bombs near the finish line of the marathon in april. tsarnaev's arraignment is scheduled for july 10. the treasury department inspector general said liberal groups were not mistreated by i.r.s. examiners in the same way tea party groups were. in a letter to congressional democrats, j. russell george said only six
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